Camper Trolley – Caravan Mover Review

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I have written articles about towing in the past, but to be honest it is a topic that often leaves me frustrated especially with tight maneuvering. So for some time I have considered buying a caravan mover and have researched many different models. I was looking for a motorised unit so I discounted any that required even a limited amount of manual labour!

Of all the caravan movers on the market today, nothing grabbed my attention more so than the CamperTrolley by Mover Technology of Denmark. This small, well engineered, self contained unit has the power to move anything up to 1500 kg at about 9 metres per minute – now that’s a nice controllable speed.

At first glance the CamperTrolley doesn’t look able to shift 500 kg let alone 1500 kg, but has this baby got grunt! It is driven by two planetary geared DC motors – one on each side. The motors are powered by a compact on-board 14.4 volt lithium ION battery and drive via two rugged industrial quality rubber tracks.

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The fully charged battery provides enough power for up to 30 minutes and is quickly re-charged via the included battery charger or from an innovative solar panel positioned permanently on the top of the unit. Control of the unit is via a ‘simple to operate’ hand-held wireless remote that is matched to your unit (so no driving other camper’s rigs off site in the middle of the night!).


I suppose what convinced me most is that the CamperTrolley is portable and relatively light-weight (16 and a bit kilos). No problems with dirt or moisture on your travels unlike other permanently fixed units. It comes with a sturdy travel bag. It also fits to both 100×50 mm and 150x50mm box chassis without any welding or drilling for bolt holes. One quick-fit clamp system and you’re away. The clamp can be safely left permanently attached. The CamperTrolley attaches to the clamp in another easy manner – no bolts, just a flip-pin securing it.

In operation the unit is smooth and steady and direction change is accomplished by stopping one track and running the other via remote – simple!

I took some video of my unit moving our pop-top camper out of the garage, doing a 180 degree turn and then returning to the garage. The quality of the video is not top-notch but it is real world stuff and will give you a good idea of the performance of the CamperTrolley. You also have to remember that I am still learning the ropes, simple though it is! Although the video has been edited down to just over three minutes, I was running the unit around for over 20 minutes and there was no noticeable loss of battery power. The video is available on YouTube or here. Don’t forget to check out the related videos on YouTube (or at the end of this video). There is more CamperTrolley information there.


For my money it’s the CamperTrolley. It’s portable, versatile, and when you compare the cost to other movers, value for money. My wife and I like it so much we have even given it a name – “Trevor” – “Trevor the Trolley”!

You can see more information and videos at CamperTrolley Australia

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