Enjoy Christmas in your Caravan


Winter may not seem like the ideal time to take a camping trip, however, it does present some wonderful opportunities for the hardy caravan owner: scenic views of frosted valleys and mountains, not to mention cheap and empty campsites.

Binoculars for Camping


No matter the reason is for camping, a decent pair of binoculars should be something you carry with you or have handy. They will add value to a camping adventure in a similar way to taking a camera with you.

Photographing the Night Sky


Often, when camping off the beaten outside city lights, you find yourself under a jeweled veil of stars, or sometimes in the glow of a clear full moon. But how do you capture those moments on camera?

Camping at Porcupine Gorge


A great spot for camping away from private campgrounds with power and reticulated water is Pyramid bush camp in Porcupine Gorge national park. Don’t expect any of the usual trappings such as flush toilets, hot showers, and power and water…

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